Jeanette Fraser

was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and the outdoors was always a big part of my life. Living on Salt Spring Island for twenty years, I discovered how much I was drawn to nature and photography. Bears and ice are two of my favourite subjects.

I started photographing the bears of the Inside Passage along the coast of BC in 2009. My passion for bears grew to be quite addictive, and the times I spend with them are the happiest in my life. I travel solo, and generally have amazing adventures, sharing rare moments in nature with like-minded new friends. These friendships are unique, and seem to last forever.

Ice is one of the most captivating and beautiful things on Earth; I not only see it but feel it in my entire being. It is not unusual for me to be on the ice for hours, absorbed in its patterns, losing all track of time, completely unaware of how cold the weather actually is.

I drove alone to the Arctic and called Alaska home for one year. I was on a soul vacation, photographing and exploring the stunning landscapes with only what is now a very tattered atlas of the huge state. During my journey I met other people who were also on a quest to photograph the massive coastal brown bears of Katmai, Alaska. Recently, those same wonderful people brought me to my cold heaven, Svalbard, Norway.

Many years had passed since our time together in Katmai when they suggested I meet them in Longyearbyen, one of the most northerly settlements in the world. It was easy for me to see why a person might never want to leave the magic of this tiny Arctic town – which has a very good brewery, I might add. Sipping the northernmost beer in the northernmost town is a memorable experience! We all boarded the MS Origo in search of polar bears in the majestic fjords of this archipelago. I will return to Svalbard in June 2020.

Photographing people has been another great interest and delight of mine for well over twenty years. I am most comfortable making photographs in social situations, including weddings, as families and friends are enjoying their special moments. I also offer studio photography, and outdoor images in beautiful locations for any event.

I can provide a wide variety of photography for real estate and commercial purposes, or lifestyle photography for social media platforms.

I sell many prints from my online galleries. I offer canvas, acrylic and metal prints in various sizes, and I am happy to give estimates on orders for custom sizes.


Thank you for trusting me with your photography needs. 



Svalbard Exhibit

Kelowna Innovation Center

December 6 2017


Wildplanet Photography Magazine

WInter Visions Winner

February 2019 issue

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